Treat People Right...

One of our Core Values that we take very serious!  We wouldn’t be E&K without our greatest asset – our Employees!  We want people to love coming to work and strive to provide an environment that is safe and rewarding to all of our employees!  Learn more below about our Culture Teams, Employee Idea System, Community Involvement, and Employee & Family Events!

  • Culture Teams

    Positive Culture is an important part of our work environment. We want to hire and keep happy people who focus on great co-worker and customer relationships. Toward that end, we support on-site Culture Teams at each location. These Culture teams primarily focus on:

    • On-going innovation and process improvement
    • Celebration, Reward and Recognition
    • Communication and Community Service


  • Employee Idea System

    We believe that:

    • The people closest to the problem or situation often have the best solution. 
    • Management does not have all the answers.
    • All people have ideas about how their work can be performed more effectively.
    • Involving employees taps an almost unlimited source of knowledge and creativity.
    • Given the opportunity to express their thoughts, people are willing and eager to participate in developing innovative ways to solve problems and improve processes.


  • Community Involvement

    We are extremely proud of the community involvement that each office has dedicated their time and resources to.  Some examples of community involvement activities include: volunteering at the local food bank, building tiny homes for veterans, bell-ringing at the supermarkets, collecting toys at Christmas, participating in walk/run events. 

  • Employee & Family Events

    We like to have fun!  Each Culture Team is dedicated to planning employee appreciation activities and events to build relationships and to just have fun!  We may swing by the jobsite and bring everyone lunch or plan a holiday party after work for everyone to unwind!  And it's not just for the employees. Whether it's a summer picnic or winter basketball game, E&K understands the importance family has to the success of our organization.  We try to include family in our after-work events and celebrations whenever possible!